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Project Management Certification

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UPW Certified Project Manager

Most probably, this is the certification you were looking for.

From the skills & competencies point of view, the UPW Project Manager course prepares you for the real world. Whether if you are new in the Project Management field or you already have experienced this area, the UPW Project Manager course prepares you to meet the highest international standards in project management.

UPW Project Manager course overview

Our Project Manager course is structured in 3 modules, according to the real needs of this job. Essentially, a successful project manager needs to have 3 sets of skills:

  • technical project management skills;
  • communication skills;
  • leadership skills;

Technical Module Summary

  • introduction in project management;
  • the project's life-cycle;
  • goals, objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators);
  • the risk management
  • project's control
  • evaluation & reporting

Communication Module Summary

  • the basics of communication;
  • general communication vs. project management communication;
  • the barriers in communication & ways to overcome these barriers;
  • the communication plan;
  • communication by the involved parties;
  • visual communication;

Leadership Module Summary

  • leader vs. manager;
  • coaching your team;
  • individual coaching, team coaching, formal coaching, informal coaching;
  • the ownership of actions & results;
  • the basics of NLP;

Why this course ?

     First, because Upway Consulting Group is a respectable business consulting alliance which operates both in United States and Europe and our entire activity is based on project management, so we do what we preach. Though we are in no way affiliated or related with the Project Management Institute (PMI), our course ensures the acquiring of almost the same knowledge and skills and moreover offers you this information from two perspectives:

  • the knowledge areas approach (mainly used by PMI);
  • the chronology approach (mainly used by European environment);

     Considering this, please note that none of the two perspectives is "the right one". Both of them provide the same knowledge and it is only a matter of personal choice which path is easier for you to get to the desired level of training.

     Second, because we are also involved in the training business and this is why we can guarantee you that this project management course will offer you what it promises.

Are the UPW Certified Project Manager program and the PMP training similar ?

YES, because:

  • The UPW Certified Project Manager offers about 80% of the technical information which you would obtain from the PMP training & certification.

NO, because:

  • The UPW Certified Project Manager program uses the cronological approach, while the PMP approach is based on knoledge areas. Because of these difference, the UPW Certified Project Manager program is more logical and practical and a lot more easier to be implemented in the real life even by an inexperienced Project Manager.
  • The UPW Certified Project Manager program was designed by experts practitions.
  • The UPW Certified Project Manager costs at least 10 time less than a PMP training program.

When should you pursue the PMP certification instead of the UPW Certified Project Manager certification ?

     We actually recommend our students to pursue the PMP certification, but only if they already are higly experienced Project Managers, with at least 5 - 7 years of experience and a consistent available budget. In this scenario, the additional information provided by the PMP certification might be considered valuable. Also, in this scenario, the wider recognition of PMP represents an advantage.
     In all the other cases, the UPW Certified Project Manager certification program will offer you the same value for what we consider a fair price.

Take advantage of our full training package:

  • the high quality materials that we provide you
  • personal 1:1 coaching with one of our trainers
  • our unlimited support
  • personal project management certification

and join us in the challenging world of successful projects.

Table of contents: Technical Module (summary) - for the full version click here

  1. Chapter I: Introduction
  2. Chapter II: Project Management Phases
    1. Phase 1: The Analysis
    2. Phase 2: Design
    3. Phase 3: Planning
    4. Phase 4: Implementation
    5. Phase 5: Controlling
    6. Phase 6: Closing and Evaluation
  3. Chapter III: The team
  4. Chapter IV: Risk management
  5. Chapter V: The project manager’s checklist

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